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Campbell County criminal law attorney DUI

A first-time DUI (driving under the influence) is a very serious charge even though it is the first offense. Tennessee takes all DUI very seriously; therefore, even first-time DUI carries with it severe consequences, some on par with other similar charges of higher degrees. However, the judicial system can be somewhat forgiving, especially if you have a talented, knowledgeable, and experienced criminal defense lawyer by your side. First, you must realize the consequences, then you can consider what to do if charged so that this never happens again.

Consequences of First-Time DUI in Tennessee

While it might only be your first time receiving a DUI charge, if convicted, you could face relatively severe penalties, including the following punishments:


Campbell County criminal defense attorney DUI

The holidays are here, and even with the pandemic still surging throughout Tennessee and the country, for that matter, there is still an increased likelihood of drunk driving on the roads. This means that the police in Tennessee will be more vigilant about stopping drivers for a wide variety of traffic violations but, most importantly and notably, they are going to be especially focused on pulling people over for DUI. With that in mind, here is a refresher on some tips for what to do should you be pulled over this holiday for DUI to avoid any criminal charges. 

Your Actions During a Traffic Stop Matter

There are several things you could do if pulled over for DUI this holiday that are common sense, but there are other steps to take that you might not even think about doing. Whatever the case might be, here are some tips for what to do if you are pulled over for DUI this holiday:


Campbell County DUI license reinstatement lawyerIf you have been convicted of a DUI in Tennessee, then you probably had your driver’s license revoked as a result. Of all the consequences and penalties of drunk driving with which you must cope—from treatment programs and community service to hefty fines and jail time—probably the most overlooked yet comparably difficult challenge to overcome is the loss of your license. After all, without that driver’s license, you will not be able to drive to work, the pharmacy, the grocery store, etc. This may leave you stranded, having to catch rides on someone else’s schedule. This is why getting your driver’s license reinstated is so important. Here are some facts about the driver’s license reinstatement process that you should know:

3 Facts About Driver’s License Reinstatement in Tennessee

While it might seem like an easy thing to do that just takes some paperwork, the truth is, driver’s license reinstatement is a complex and involved process, and it can be especially difficult if you are unfamiliar with the procedures. While it is true that the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security now offers e-services for license reinstatement, there are still many things that you probably will not be able to do effectively on your own without prior knowledge or assistance from a lawyer. What you should know about the process of license reinstatement is that:

  1. Driving is a privilege and not a right. This is true in Tennessee as it is everywhere else across the country. When you disobey the rules of the road, including getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, you are running the risk of having that privilege taken away, among other things.


Campbell County criminal defense attorney DUI

In Tennessee, a first-time driving under the influence (DUI) offense may result in a wide variety of penalties. In other words, even if it is your first time getting charged or convicted with a DUI/DWI, you still will face some challenging and often relatively steep penalties. What is more, depending on the circumstances, the judge may get creative with the sentencing in hopes of reducing recidivism and discouraging you from subsequent DUI arrests. 

First-Offense DUI Punishments in Tennessee

You may already know this, but the penalties for DUI offenses in Tennessee are quite vast. Even the first-time DUI offense may carry with it all or any of the following punishments:


Campbell County criminal defense attorney DUI

Whether it be for driving under the influence (DUI), boating under the influence (BUI), or any other criminal defense case, representing yourself is rarely, if ever, a good idea. The qualified guidance and representation of a professional DUI attorney is a much better idea here in Tennessee if you are looking for the least difficult legal process and the most advantageous outcome. Below are the reasons why it is a good idea to avoid representing yourself in a DUI case.

Why Representing Yourself in a DUI Case Is a Bad Idea

In general, representing your own defense in just about any criminal case is a bad idea, but it is an especially negative prospect in consideration of what is required with a DUI case. Here are five reasons you should not represent yourself when facing DUI charges in Tennessee:

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