Campbell County DUI license reinstatement lawyerGetting your first DUI/DWI or Implied Consent conviction in Tennessee is likely to result in losing your driver’s license for one year. If your court sentence and one-year suspension have been completed, it’s time to get back on the road and practice the safety strategies you learned.

Reinstating your driver's license with the Tennessee Department of Safety (DPS) requires official documents and a fee payment. Before applying to reinstate your license, it’s a good idea to contact the Department of Safety (DOS) and take note of the restoration details specific to your case.

The following criteria is typically used for DUI-related suspensions during the driving license reinstatement process:

These are just a few examples of the steps you may have to take to reinstate your Tennessee driver’s license. Other fees, exceptions and conditions may also apply depending on the details of your case. Online assistance may be a useful tool to complete all of the license reinstatement steps easily.

If you have been arrested on a DUI charge in Tennessee, talk to an experienced DUI attorney about your situation. A conviction for a DUI could have serious consequences. For second-time DUI offenders, driving privileges are usually revoked for two years and regular offenders could face a suspension period of three to 10 years. A DUI lawyer from Tennessee can help explain how the system works and your options.